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Company Profile


Founded in 2010, Clear Sky Energy provides turn-key solutions to the pivotal field of energy management. Our young team of experts aims at delivering owners a clear-cut, professional problem-solving service regarding energy optimisation and efficiency.


Clear Sky Energy’s vision is to become South Africa’s dominant consulting and energy management ‘brokerage’.

As such, setting the trend for utilising scarce resources more efficiently. Ultimately, ensuring greater control, knowledge and efficiency of our clients valuable assets.

Technology and services:

As part of a turn-key consultation and ‘brokerage’ offering of energy management solutions, Clear Sky Energy aims to provide cutting-edge technology and services.

In a field driven by research and development, it is imperative for Clear Sky Energy to acquire the latest technological offerings. In this vein, Clear Sky Energy has gone to great lengths in procuring the latest energy technology from the global marketplace.

These technologies are integrated into a turn-key engineering solution allowing for optimisation, maximum efficiency and full control of scarce resources and hard assets.